Hi, I am Elita Torres.  I have over 20 years’ experience as a Leader, Manager, and Developer of Talent.  Now adding entrepreneur and Author to the list, my experience is a culmination of my time as a General Manager for several Big Box Retailers where I managed an average of 100 employees.  I then decided to take my career in a different direction and became District Manager supervising 23 stores in my district.  Recently, I just accepted a new position as Director of Sales, responsible for 4 Districts and 2 Heads of Merchandising.





This was me.  The picture quality is not great but as you can see from the background, it was a long time ago.

As a child, I had many ambitions.  I wanted to be a teacher for a long time, then a writer and then a Business person.  Whatever that meant, I didn’t have a clue but I envisioned myself leading a team, wherever that was.   All I knew is that I wanted to “be of value”.

When I think back today at that girl with all those dreams, I cannot help but smile.

Today, I now lead 23 retail stores, which puts me into the category of leader and teacher.  With this Blog and future release of my book, “Overwhelmed? Productivity Strategies that You Can Start Today”, I can add Author/Writer to the title.

In the process of this journey, there were a lot of bumps and an enormous amount of bruises.  Mistakes that I learned from immediately and mistakes that I made more than once.



With this Blog, I hope to accomplish two things.

First, I hope to leave a legacy to my children.  If this blog can set a positive example for my two sons and inspire them to want to be more and to find true happiness, then I couldn’t ask for more.  Second, my hope with this Blog and my book is to share what I learned with you.  If I can help at least one person, Dream their dreams, Act on their dreams and Inspire others to dream, then I have succeeded.

That is what inspired my by-line, “Dream It, Do It, Inspire”.



This is my personal blog.  I write about taking that journey to Personal Growth, achieving Leadership Success and Inspiring Others to reach their potential.

I have been blessed to have several moments in my life when I have been told that I have made a positive difference in someone’s life. Helping someone BELIEVE in their abilities and using these abilities to reach their potential is AMAZING.

My goal is to create thought and action provoking content that you can apply to your professional and personal life.

My tips, strategies and stories are taken from real life examples that have been applied with success.


In order for this blog to be relevant to you, I commit to the following in the best of my abilities:

  • Keep information flowing on an ongoing and consistent basis.  I intend to blog at least 2 times per week.
  • Development, Leadership and Growth is an ongoing process with several paths one can take.  This blog is about that journey.
  • In order for you to get the most of this blog, I encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas or journey in the comments section of any or every post that is relevant to you.  You might share an insight that can help other readers or even myself.  Let’s make this a partnership.


Examples of Personal Development Posts



Examples of Leadership Posts




I love Zig Ziglar’s famous quote,

“you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough people get what they want”. 

The ability to help someone reach their potential is a valued talent and much-needed skill.  I share strategies that have helped me in promoting dozens of employees to the next level.

Spend time on developing yourself, and then share your knowledge with others.  Your best time invested is the time spent investing on your development and the development of others.




I have been married to my husband Carl for over 17 years.  Together, we have two wonderful boys, 11 and 7 years old.  I also have 5 brothers and sisters with 10 nephews and 1 niece.  My family is a big source of inspiration in my life and I feel blessed to share this journey with them.



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This is my personal blog.  The opinions I express here do not necessarily represent those of my employer.  The information I provide is on an as-is basis.  I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.